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What is Cosmetic Transdermal Reconstruction?

Carefree hair restoration CTR is an extraordinary non-surgical hair replacement solution. It's so realistic that most people can't tell it isn't your own natural hair even when running their fingers through it!

As the name suggests it is entirely cosmetic, meaning non-surgical. And although at first glance it may just seem like a really, really high quality wig or toupee, it's in fact a one-of-a-kind custom fitted hairpiece carefully crafted especially for you using real human hair.

Once applied, it can be left in place for weeks at a time and treated as your own hair. This is because it's cosmetically applied directly to your scalp rather than merely sitting on your head like a standard wig. Wear it to bed, in the shower, even swimming. Wash it, style it, blow dry it!

The CTR system offers a variety of adhesives designed to accomodate different skin types. The hairpieces are custom made with real human hair to match your own, and can be coloured or treated in any way just like natural hair.

The secret is the Hollywood-quality combination of preparation, design, and application.

Advantages Over Wigs & Toupees

The difference between Cosmetic Transdermal Reconstruction and traditional wigs and toupees is dramatic and obvious. CTR is comfortable, durable, lifelike.
  • Hair appears to grow right from your scalp
  • Seamless and transparent (no lumps, bumps or ridges)
  • Virtually undetectable (can't be seen or felt)
  • Eliminates daily maintenance (no tape or clips)
  • Can't fall off (applied directly to your scalp)
  • Easy to clean (wash like your own real hair)
  • Not scratchy (doesn't move or shift)
  • Perfect fit (custom made for your scalp)

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Conquer Your Hair Loss

Over twenty years of success have proven CTR to be the clear winner when it comes to lifelike hair replacement.

Here's a description of the process that gives you such a realistic, reliable, and enviable head of hair.

1) In-Home Consultation & Evaluation

The first step is a discreet and confidential in-home consultation to help you decide the specific area for your hair replacement, whether one part of your scalp or the whole surface. This depends on the extent of your hair loss and your preferences for hair restoration.

Then we take a detailed physical imprint of the area. This exact replica of your scalp surface is then used together with your own hair growth patterns to design the most realistic hairpiece you've ever seen, matching your own natural hair.

This results in hair being applied only to those areas where it is needed, and eliminates the lumps, bumps, ridges, and seams common with other methods of hair restoration.

2) Custom Hairpiece Creation

A hair graft is created with the characteristics of your own hair. Versacchi describes Cosmetic Transdermal Reconstruction as being like a soft contact lens, in the sense that it is undetectable and becomes one with your scalp.

It uses a proprietary multi-layer technology with a relative edge thickness so thin it literally defies detection to the conscious, probing touch. It's completely permeable and allows your scalp to remain healthy and function in a normal manner.

3) Preparation Of Scalp

Prior to applying your hairpiece, your scalp is gently cleaned, exfoliated, and treated with astringents. This hygienic protocol is similar to a facial in refreshing the surface of the skin. All scalp care products used in this process were designed exclusively for Cosmetic Transdermal Reconstruction.

4) Application Of Hairpiece

Next, your hair restoration is applied. Using medical/surgical grade adherents, your restoration is applied directly to your scalp in the precise area of hair loss.

This is a totally non-invasive procedure, and enables us to incorporate and enhance your own remaining and still growing hair (if applicable) to its fullest extent, while providing a level of comfort never before dreamed possible.

5) Hairstyling & Salon Services

We offer ongoing care and maintenance for your Cosmetic Transdermal Reconstruction.

This includes hair cutting and other hair care services. Very few salons in Ontario have properly trained stylists who can work with hairpieces. Some salons will offer to do it, without recognizing the unique aspects of hair care for reconstructions.

Until now, professional hair cutting and styling services for hairpieces were only available in big cities like Toronto or Ottawa. Everyone from all over Ontario had to travel outrageous distances just for a trim or other routine service.

Now you can put an end to those long trips and get service in central Ontario here in Peterborough.

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